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Not so Different

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we’re not so different, we’re not so far apart
so long to the old city, we long for a new start

where there are open spaces, to swing an idle thought
where we can feel the future, and let ourselves get caught

in currents of emotion, away from roads on rising hills
there we will not force things, predictably surprising thrills

that pick us from the office, and shoot us to the stratosphere
ther air is hard to breathe but, I feel a purity up here

Among the awkward moments, between the fallings out
we’re not so different, we have so much to talk about

talk about home, talk on our own, talk about home, talk about having to go

we’re not so different, we all start off the same
the paths we took diverged but, the principles remain

I see your hand and raise it, No bluffs beyond this deal
the lines we crossed have made their, marks along the time we steal

away from every waking hour, in every sleepy day
I find a secret message, in which you seem to say

we’re not so different, when you look past the doubt
if we can make an effort, we can begin to talk about
talk about home, talk on our own, talk about hope, talk about…

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