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about face

Find yourself in the unfamiliar
the foreign,
the other…
Find what, exactly?

Bloody changes changing changed
Welcome welcome sit and beat and rearrange
Can’t help myself the way it goes
Give it up until it shows

Easy in and never out,
That’s they way you get about
Why am I wired to wear this way,
The bitter breaks that stop to stay?

Closer the composite,
That void return type,
Scramble to the surface and,
back down,
About as inventive as the taste in your throat,
Vague inclination of many many things,
That’s the anxiety arriving,
rising high and riding by and lapping at your edges.

Did I see another climber,
And what does it count?
What does it say about me, about me?
Turn about face and leave this place.
For Forever.
I will never ever see you again forever?
Another throwaway discarded,
Meanings intended and applied,
Inspiration burrowed inside…
A placeholder for love,
A proxy for reality

But the questions are not pursued,
There is only the sun, and the light,
And the surfaces to soak it or reflect it, share it.

I can say that I was there, but was I really?
Do we ever get beyond the moment, and the way the light is changing as the day goes by?
Do we ever, am I severed?

Several severed efforts,
In a bid to make sense,
I forced my soul to dispense
with itself…

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