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Poem: Let’s Get Angry and Call it Like it is.

Let’s Get Angry and Call it Like it is.

Inflame inflame!
There is not enough
Fire in the game,
Or teeth in the trough.

Stoke, stoke!
The peace of your pieces;
Shake from the smoke,
Sparks to the breezes.

Whip, whip!
Agenda from embers;
Dare in the dip,
To sip on the the cinders.

Burn, burn!
As bright as a dawn,
To Ash in the urn,
The bones of a pawn.

November, 2015. Some days I dip too deep into the noise of the chattersphere, and there are times when my brain throbs from the plumes of smoke rising from threads of angry comments, online outpourings of almost selfless expression, negative risings to the orders of the day and the news of the hour. Cute puppies, or inter-governmental kleoptocratic corporate phonyism crimes of do's or do-nothing's, cram the airwaves. We, the plugged in; should we fan or douse he flames?

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