Unlike the endless flow of transient digital displays, prints have their own physicality and objecthood. Printing gives me a chance to realise a reality from a photograph; from the moment in time it was taken and the place it physically represents, through the development and experience of studying its tones, to the textures and materiality of paper.

If you would like to organize prints of any of my photos, you can try the options here (only have a subset of work on the site) or just get in touch via email/etc. I generally use 305g fine art paper from Davitt’s in Salthill, Galway City. Ideally I would have the resources to make my own darkroom prints, but this is not currently an option. So, I scan each negative and print from this digital file. I do a little editing, basically allowing myself to recreate a degree of burning and dodging in Photoshop, though in general I do not change the representational nature of a work. If there’s a wire cutting across the sky, so be it.