Fine Art Print: The Scots Pine of Lough Derryclare




single tree inagh valley derryclare black and white photography connemara Donal Kelly

Into the Wild: A group of Scots pine grow on an island on Lough Derryclare, under mist-covered mountains of the Twelve Bens, Connemara

This was taken on June 23rd, the longest day of the year. The midgets “were out” all along the shore, hungry for a bite of me as I set up the camera and waited for the long exposure. Mist rolled over the mountains of Lutty valley in the background.

Exposure: 5 minutes minutes at f11, orange filter, Lee Big Stopper, tripod.

Location: Derryclare Lake, along the N59, near Lutty Valley and Inagh Valley, Connemara
Time: June 23rd 2017
Camera: Hasselblad 501C
Lens Carl Zeiss 80mm f2.8 T*
Film: Rollei Retro 80S 120
Development: Rodinal 1+25, 8 minutes


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