Fine Art Print: Roundstone bog lake under Twelve Bens




Roundstone Bog Twelve Bens, black and white photography, Donal Kelly

Twelve Bens mountain range rises up over a lake in the bogs near Roundstone

The bog in this area can be tough going, with any given footstep likely to find a soft hole and send you sprawling. There are an incredible number of little lakes here, fragmenting the landscape. It makes getting around like navigating a strange flat maze- very few straight routes out here!

Exposure: 5 minutes at f11, orange filter, Lee Big Stopper, polariser filter, tripod.

Location: Roundstone bogs, Connemara
Time: April 9th 2017
Camera: Hasselblad 501C
Lens Carl Zeiss 80mm f2.8 T*
Film: Ilford Delta 100
Development: Rodinal 1+25

Still as a lake-lapped stone
In soft ground under the mountains
There is quiet yet
That no rambler has need to stir


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