Fine Art Print: Inchiquinn Island Limestone




donal kelly photo inchiquinn lough corrb stones galway ireland black and white photography

Limestone on the shore of Inchiquinn Island, on the eastern shore of Lough Corrib, looking towards the North.

I borrowed a boat and drove across the lake, stopping on some islands, soaking up the calm, hopping across the pocked limestone strewn on the shore, raising gulls, ducks, a curlew. The sun hung behind a layer of clouds, which were reflected on the lake surface.

Exposure: 5 minutes at f16, Lee Big Stopper filter, orange filter, tripod

Location: Inchiquinn Island, Lough Corrib
Time: March 12th, 2017
Camera: Hasselblad 501C
Lens Carl Zeiss 80mm f2.8 T*
Film: Rollei Retro 80S at ISO 50
Development: Studional 1+29


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 1 cm
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